The Best Goats Make the Best Milk.

Our herd consists of all registered Saanen goats.

The Dairy

Ed and Dianna began designing a new dairy facility in 2010. The dairy was constructed with an immense amount of thoughtful planning by Ed himself. The 24’ x 94’ dairy was built with the support and knowledge of system efficiencies from goat dairies across New England. It was imperative the dairy be built effectively, efficiently, and safe for milking. The Fredriksons are incredibly grateful for the farms who allowed them the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in their systems.

The Milking Process

The milking process at Fredikson Farm begins when the goats enter the milking parlor from the loafing barn. As the goats eat their feed, their udders are washed, and inflations are applied to each udder. Milk flows from the inflations to a pipeline beneath the goats. The milk is gravity fed through the pipeline, ensuring quality is maintained to the receiver jar. Once the receiver jar is halfway full, it is pumped to the bulk tank or directly to the vat for the cheese process to begin.

Milk Qualities

Goat milk is a great source of nutrients. Characteristics such as high protein and fat percentages are significant to the cheese making process. Goat milk is also known for its low percentage of lactose. Many non-farmstead creameries may pump their milk up to 5 times, consequently emulsifying natural fat globules. Fredrikson Farm pumps minimally allowing the milk to maintain its natural state and produce exceptional cheese.