Happy Goats are the best goats.

Our herd consists of all registered Saanen goats.


Fredrikson Farm is located in China, Maine on 70 acres of field and forestry. Farm owners and operators, Ed and Dianna Fredrikson, pride their farm on a decade of hard work and dedication towards creating a product to be proud of.

Years prior to the establishment of Fredrikson Farm, the family’s interest in goats was sparked by a local influential farmer, Pixie Day. Her eagerness to share love and knowledge of Sanaan goats with the Fredrikson family was apparent. After purchasing a small herd from Pixie, daughters of Ed and Dianna began caring for and showing their Sanaans in the Maine 4-H show circuit. Although the girls had grown and soon lost interest, Ed and Dianna’s attachment to the affectionate, loving animals grew stronger.

The Sanaan Breed

Originally from Switzerland, the Sanaan goat was brought to the U.S. for their ability to produce high quantity and quality milk in the early 1900s. The adult Sanaan goat can average 130 to 145 pounds, consequently a hardy, tolerant, and adaptable breed to many different climates. Like deer, females are known as does, while males are referred to as bucks. Sanaan goats are commonly known for their white coat, calm temperament, and sweet disposition. These characteristics make Sanaans a reliable companion for farmers and their families.

Our Herd

Fredrikson Farm is currently home to 64 head of Sanaan goats. Currently, the herd consists of 38 milking does, 18 yearlings, and 4 bucks. The farm’s goal is to eventually reach 60 head of milking does. Quality of life is a priority for a happy and healthy herd. The Fredriksons harvest and provide quality hay to their herd from the farm’s surrounding 40 acres of hay fields. In addition to a healthy diet, the herd at Fredrikson Farm is given daily care, love, and attention.